What can we do for you?

Web Design

We absolutely love building custom websites from the ground up. Also, we’ve become so familiar with the WordPress system, that we absolutely love utilizing this tool as well. Both options have their pros/cons. Let’s take a look…

Custom Website…

First of all, custom website is just that. Absolutely custom to what YOU want. The world is wide open at that point and we can focus on what exactly you want and NEED to get across in your website. Doing so takes a some time and hence, can be a bit more expensive. One con to this method is the maintenance. If you have content that often needs replace, the updates can be a little tedious and again, a little more expensive.

WordPress Website…

A WordPress website can be easily deployed on server. You get a public facing website that is controlled by a “Content Management System” on the back end. You are in control of all of the content on your site very easily. You get a user account that you use to log in and manage this. What the visitors to your website see is based off of a template that you can choose & customize.

We’ve been doing a lot more of these sites with great results. We take care of everything from hosting to setting up your template, customizing the look and feel, building the menu structure & building out the pages. Once all of this is done to your liking, we hand you the keys. From there you are give explicit instructions on how to properly maintain your website.

Along with all of the sites we build, here are some things we make sure get done for you.

  • We run thorough tests to insure everything works properly in a wide variety of browser platforms, Operating Systems, and devices.
  • We recommend setting up emails for your website as well. Whether it is a forwarding, group, or pop accounts. For pop accounts, you get webmail access or mail client support.
  • We make sure the site is SEO (Search Engine) friendly by helping you develop strong, keyword rich content. We also utilizing meta data to help good SEO positioning.
  • Having been certified in Google Analytics, we are strong advocates of using the service. All of our sites now have Google Analytics implemented for tracking traffic. Where it comes from, what times of the week, most visited pages, downloads, etc. All the way down to what browser, resolution, desktop or mobile device. Reports can be generated and gone over with you so you can see what works & doesn’t work on your site. This leads to better content and marketing choices in the future.

We can help you establish or renew your on-line presence. Whether you are a small business that just wants a simple, yet good looking page, or a medium to large business that needs a vast website with a shopping cart. We can We’ll provide you with all of the info that you need to get the project rolling.

Graphic Design

There is not much in the Graphic Design field that we are not familiar with. We’ve handled simple flyers or ads, to packaging design, to catalogs, business cards & letter heads, to full size signs & banners, to animated web banners. We are very well versed in file formats for web compared to printing and can help you get the best looking piece in a very short amount of time in what ever format you desire. Take a look at our portfolio to see some of our promotional materials that we created.